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I am retired after a career in engineering management primarily in the UK utility industries. I am a keen photographer with a good eye for pattern and shape. My wife's interest in historic quilts, particularly those produced in Canada during WWII, led me to produce a web-site for the Marchant Grove Quilt. This research into Commemorative quilts has proved compulsive.

This web-site has been created by a collaboration between David March, based in London, UK and Maureen Anderson, based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

David was involved in researching the Marchant Grove quilt with his wife, Maxine - see the story here.

David first saw the Third Avenue Methodist Church quilt at the Imperial War Museum in March 2011 and took numerous photographs. No research took place until November of that year when the biography of Pastor GKB Adams was established on In February 2012 a preliminary web-site was created to collate the research to date.

In March 2013, Maureen contacted David to offer her assistance having noted errors in one of the family trees. Since then David & Maureen have collaborated on an almost daily basis with the aim of researching every name on the quilt.


I am a retired research technician who worked for 31 years with the National Research Council in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. One of my favorite hobbies is genealogy.